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Thomas Heidt

Artist - Thomas Heidt
Central to Thomas Heidt’ s practice is a willingness to embrace the elements of chance. Heidt spends most of his time planning and carrying out experiments which test the limitations of his chosen materials through repetitive and process driven strategies. Heidt’s preferred mediums of choice include common stationary items such as highlighter, ballpoint pen and liquid paper. Mathematical principles of chance are employed to determine the use of shape and pattern in much of Heidt's work. This approach allows the artist to fully exploit his favoured method of working without pre-conceived outcomes. When the dialogue between material and process has been exhausted, a sense of conceptual and emotional clarity is evident and the work is deemed to be complete. Heidt’ s persistent search for beauty and a sense of order in everyday materials and seemingly random scenarios, forms the impetus for his extensive artistic output which encompasses drawing, painting, sculpture.