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Tanya Cole



Describe your style in 3 words: Contemporary, expressive, soul-intuited. 

Hometown: Originally from Perth, I lived in Broome for a few years and have now been living in Dunsborough for almost 7 years with my husband and 3 boys. 

What is your earliest memory of being moved by art: As a small child reading my collection of Golden Books. I absolutely loved the whimsical, fairytale illustrations and would become lost and absorbed in them for hours. I think they prompted me to pick up a pencil and sketch faces from a young age. 

 Who or what inspires you to draw or paint? My interactions and conversations with patients and friends will often inspire me. Discussion and philosophizing! I love to philosophize about the psychology of human interactions and personal insights. I will often later have a thought around what we talked about and feel an overwhelming urge to express it succinctly through paint. There will usually be a three to five word painting title that will come to mind and then I go and express it. Also, moving my body (yoga), meditating and being in nature will often open up the conduit to spirit and allow expression to come forth. If I am ever blocked artistically, I just do some stretching and get back into my body. Sometimes, I feel that my ancestors do some nudging and prod me to pick up the paintbrush and share a thought for the good of humanity. Finally, my own seeking and desire for self-transformation will inspire me as I work through the ‘learnings’ of life…I then translate those learnings into paint.