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Artist - Sarmarie
Influenced by the 'wild and uncontrollable' temperament of the natural world Sarmarie's artwork resonates with and gives expression to the forces of creation that shape our world.
Sarmarie grew up in the vast desert and coastal lands of the Pilbara region in WA and currently resides on the rugged South West coast of Margaret River. Her exploration of both the outer and inner world has led to an approach to art based on letting the paint speak for itself via its own natural flow and movement, just like nature itself.
Sarmarie Designs is the vehicle through which her creations come to market, as both original artworks and prints.  The prints are based on painting styles that push the boundaries of traditional painting, expressing it through in a way that no ‘paint on canvas’ style artwork could accomplish. As such, it’s a ‘print process’, with the final ‘result’ only existing as a limited edition of 50, each an original according to the traditional printmaking edition code. In her choice of mediums she uses the most modern print technologies and highest quality materials available.  The results are spectacular and groundbreaking in their artistic expression.