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Melanie Gray

Artist - Melanie Gray
Melanie Jayne Gray is a Perth based origami and installation artist . The individual and unique range pieces make for a beautiful meaningful gift/ art piece where words alone can’t say enough. Inspired by her own personal experience when faced with a mother battling cancer, Folding cranes became her focus and after folding 1000 for her mum, presented them to her making a wish to conquer the battle ahead. Melanie has since created many pieces, from small gift size box frame arrangements to thousands of cranes making up installation projects for
galleries and numerous events.
Young and Emerging Artist of the Year' in the South West survey (2009), 'People Choice Award' (2009) South west survey
Crane Symbolism
The crane is a symbol for some of the deepest human desires: Hope, Peace and
Loyalty. It has stood throughout history as an emblem of hope against the odds.
In Japanese tradition whoever folds one thousand cranes will receive their heart’s
desire. That’s why the folded crane has come to be recognised as a deeply personal gift, bearing the dream of a miracle. My hope for you is that these small cranes carry your wishes far enough to be heard, and that you find yourself in the rhythm of their wings.