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Jason Kelly

Artist - Jason Kelly
One constant with my work has always been my hand cut and carved Surfboards from recycled timber, the first of which sold back in 2002. For me the relationship to surfing has been the sea, I would sneak off for a surf with the guys my last year of college but the main influence came earlier as a child If I got the opportunity to buy a surfing mag, been very graphically minded the appeal of surfing company logos drew me into the sport, I would spend hours drawing the likes of Jimmy Z, Rusty, Hot Buttered, Hot Tuna logos, this has stayed with me and has been a catalyst to creating and hand painting the boards, which are my favourite thing to do.
I have come from a commercial background and have had a brush in my hand for 20 plus years now, the only thing that kept me amused as a kid was a pad and pen, I have been lucky to work as a Set Finisher for TVNZ and in a similar vein on Lord of the Rings. My work evolved early in 2001 after arriving back from 2 years racing Triathlon in Aussie. I went back and worked at the café that had kept my art career moving and was asked to paint a ladies and gents sign above the toilet doors, one of the girls I worked with said to me, that could be an art form, and so it began. From humble beginnings painting on driftwood that washed up on the local coast, my first show was in 2001 with 3 ladies from the local gallery, I added a male twist on shows they would theme focusing on feminine attributes. My work has evolved over 10 plus years and enjoy the recycling element that makes up the medium for my work, the ideas seem to flow thick and fast and I’m constantly filling notebooks. I like to combine satirical messages and plays on words into my art having a dig at political and environmental topics. I create imaginative companies which help me to achieve this agenda. I have successfully exhibited my work over this time and have a commercial NZ and Australian print range that offers everyone the chance to have a unique piece of JK art on there wall, my wooden originals give art collectors the opportunity to buy something originally unique, hand made and hand brushed, and these works have become desirable and collectable.