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Ian Mutch


Artist - Ian Mutch

Ian's illustration work has featured in numerous publications, including Monster Children, Oyster, Transworld, Blisss!, Desktop and Tracks magazine.
He has exhibited artworks in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Bangkok, New York and London.
Ian Mutch designs and co-produces Kingbrown Magazine and has joined hands with design industry professionals as a speaker at Agideas Melbourne, the Design Institute of Australia and Semi Permanent.
He has worked with various clients and agencies, now enjoying the freedom of freelance design from his home in the south-west of Australia.
A typical year involves drawing and painting, designing logos, packaging design, advert concepts, layouts, illustration, surfing, skateboarding, emails, websites, travel, snowboarding, making music, DJing, drinks with friends, drawing, drawing, drawing, watching films, and catching squid in the bay.