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Genevieve Montgomerie

Artist - Genevieve Montgomerie

Montgomerie's style weaves effortlessly between social realism and a contemporary take on the Old Masters. Painterly yet smooth, inviting yet intimately personal reflections ... her works are a testament to the light, depth, moods possibilities and energies 0f the cleansing ' Water of Life' she find herself immersed in!

Montgomerie is probably best known for her intricate acrylic studies, capturing the quality of outdoor life shared by Australians indulging in the pleasures of coastal living. Her Western Australian works, in particular, are spontaneous and simple in subject yet recall for the observers a familiar perspective they cherish as particularly 'western beauty'.

Having lived in Cottesloe, Swanbourne and Mosman Park for 16 years now, Montgomerie feels very much a part of the rich beach culture she reflects in crisp aqua waters and bold golden light of the 'Indiana' hemmed edge of Australia.

Once described as 'technically traditional with a refreshing twist on the realist' Montgomerie's work is strong and vibrant with a determined expression of her national pride.

"A few years ago an Aboriginal spiritual healer friend said to me (about my creativity) .. as though the voice of our creator was speaking through him... ' stop wading in the water sister... come swim with me'.... and from that point I have worried less about my weekly deadlines and people's opinions of me... and worried more about my need to watch and capture, to dive in and reinvigorate - by breathing in all that is mesmerising about the waters that surround us and translating that with paint!"

If at the end of friends words.."stop wading in the water..come swim with me"... or in fact my works inspire you to stop and reflect on how good we have got it, surrounded by such beauty and endless opportunities to seize the day at the water's edge...then your souls might get richer for it!''