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Baz Salmon


Artist Baz Salmon

My Art comes from a Spiritual Enlightenment experience that began in July 2005 when i began to read the 'Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle. I was living in Broome Western Australia at the time and came across this book by chance,I was not a spiritual seeker and had no religious beliefs. As I began to connect with the meaning of this book many changes took place in my life.  It was February 2006 when I was invited to attend a 2 hour art class at a local Broome Art Gallery. This simple art class ignited a flame that still burns to this day. The next day I began to paint and have not stopped since. My Art is a vehicle to express a simple message to whoever is ready to realize there true self. These paintings are an example of the sacredness of nature as expressed through flowers,where that same stillness/spaciousness can be found within you. Examples of my work are currently published in "International Contemporary Masters Volume 7" and I'm also featured in "Important World Artists Volume 1" both of these books are compiled by "World Wide Art Books" in California USA.