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Andrew Frazer

Artist - Andrew Frazer
Andrew Frazer is a full time illustrator, hand letterer, designer & artist that ignites the imagination through his thought provoking characters & narrative based art. Whether it be playful foxes or contemplative bearded men - Andrew’s art welcomes the viewer into a conversation that warms the soul.
With a passion for story-telling Andrew’s art often engages the audience on a very personal level exploring the human emotions of joy, redemption, heartache, forgiveness & celebration. 
From his first solo exhibition held in Perth WA in 2010 titled ‘Bat Cave Shenanigans’, Andrew’s artistic career has gone from strength to strength. From commissioned murals both within & beyond Australia his unique style blend of whimsical characters & hand lettering has carved a fresh path of desire from the international community. 
With Andrew’s art spanning from wedding invitations, commercial branding, private commissions, public murals all the way through to his first illustrated children's book (set to be released in the USA at the beginning of 2014) the future looks bright & full of possibilities for this young Australia artist.
Andrew currently resides in Bunbury with his wife Drea where they can hear the waves crashing & the salt air swirling.