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Amok Island


Artist - Amok Island

On the land you can find his super sized murals on public walls. If you search below sea level, you could come across one of his large concrete letter sculptures slowly being covered by life. From his studio in Inglewood Amok Island paints large colourful canvases depicting fish and food.His screen prints are from start till finish produced in his studio, using a technique of exposing the screens to sunlight.

After growing up and more than a decade of painting walls in the heart of Amsterdam, his love for everything tropical saw him travelling across Asia before settling in Perth, Western Australia in 2009. Amok has exhibited his work extensively at gallery spaces through Western Australia and Amsterdam and has been commissioned to create public art murals across Western Australia, Port Hedland and New South Wales. Outside of Australia, you can find his work on walls in Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, Berlin, Portugal and Amsterdam. 

In January 2014 Amsterdams renowned modern art museum Stedelijk Museum and Kuvva featured Amok Island's work for 'Kuvva x Stedelijk Presents'