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Alto Imagery


Artist - Alto Imagery

Alto Imagery is a new UV custom printing business, based in the South West of Western Australia. Artist Cass Hughes collaborates with Australian artist to represent their original artwork in the form of prints.


UV inks dry from liquid to solid when exposed to ultra-violet light, achieving a high quality print onto non-porous substrates.

This method of printing gives each image a vibrant, high definition, contemporary look, onto a mixture of different medias. Media includes plywood, MDF, Cork, tiles, stone, plastic, cement, and aluminum.

Artist Collaborations

Kate  Jarman
Kate Jarman was born in Western Australia and currently lives with her husband, two children and tubby ginger cat. She studied painting and curating at Central Saint Martins College/Byam Shaw School of Art in London and completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Curtin University with a Deans commendation in 2010. She has exhibited at PICA, Breadbox, Mundaring Arts Centre, Buratti Gallery, Melody Smith Gallery and the Artist Open House Fremantle event.

Little Sketchy

Little sketchy was born from a big dream of touching million hearts.

The playful, curious and innocent characters which expressed in the illustrations, is a reflection and reminder of my childhood dreams, ' to dream big and bigger than you can ever imagine'. A very dear hamster friend of mine from my childhood, Mr Hammy, also plays a major role in the little sketchy collection. 

Drawing fun little characters like Mr Hammy often makes me giggle. I want to share that experience through my work, bring more smiles in this world and brighten others' days :')

Each product features an hand drawn design or illustration, and is handmade with love in my home studio in Perth, Australia.

Janet Pan

Owner, Creator

An artist/ illustrator from Perth, who is determined to change the world- One smile at a time

Steve - North Road Designs

My name is Steve, I’m a graphic artist and photographer based in Melbourne, and North Road Designs is a collection of my creative work.

For a while now I’ve had a love affair with bold geometric patterns, and I love the juxtaposition of combining strong, rigid shapes with something organic and fluid. The majority of the pieces available from North Road Designs are low polygon art with a vibrant colour palette, which has a three-dimensional, crystal-like appearance.

While I love the look of my artwork with a simple white frame, Cass from Alto Imagery has been able to take it to the next level, printing them on beautiful, bold geometric plywood, which compliments the images perfectly. It’s been fantastic seeing my work grow through this collaboration.