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Artist - Adamanda
Adam Blowers I was born in Southampton and moved to Australia as a young child. I embraced the beauty of Australia and the Australian way of life whilst growing up in Arnhem Land. I have always been immersed in Art. My mother is an artist, my brother is an artist and Art is a way of life for my family. My Dad, bless him, plays the trumpet, badly! As a teenager my family moved to the beautiful South West of Western Australia. As a young man with a desire to see the world, I set off on a journey…seventeen years travelling extensively overseas, embracing other cultures has definitely enriched my context. A deep longing and pull for home saw me return to the South West of Western Australia. I am home. Grateful for all of my experiences, grateful to be here, now, where I belong. I am enjoying sharing my beautiful interpretations on life through the magic of resin.  
Amanda Blowers  I grew up as a child in the North West of Western Australia, surrounded by the beauty of the Kimberly. I am a seventh generation West Australian with my ancestors being some of the first settlers at the Swan River Settlement. As a teenager my family moved to the beautiful South West of Western Australia, where I still call home today. I love the peacefulness of country living and access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The richness and contrast of our stunning Western Australian landscapes is a constant source of inspiration for my art. The other greatest source of inspiration is the internal landscape of soul and connection to the universe. Working with resin excites and fascinates me. The alchemy of resin and being in flow with the universe allows the creation of something unique and beautiful. I approach life with love in my heart and a deep sense of gratitude for my blessings.