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Your summer art collection was available on The Home. Tell us about the inspiration behind it, and whose home style it is best suited to?
The collection is based on colour and the feeling and energy that certain colours evoke. We were drawn to a bright, summery art in energetic, fun colours – a different direction to our first collection. We love how movement and texture can be created in art and we were drawn to a range of pieces in contrasting colours and styles.

We think the range is suited to everyone! The freedom of choice available when it comes to size, orientation, and frame colours means you can customise your favourite piece to suit your existing home furnishings. There’s something for everyone. Whether it is a beautiful, bright abstract like Mandalay, or a slightly softer palette like Mercury, this collection is the easiest way to bring a pop of colour onto any blank wall.

What DIY/reno projects are you working on this season? What’s your advice for those planning to see the summer out with a DIY home reno?
We have a few exciting design projects coming up for 2016, but perhaps Alisa’s current favourite has been her baby nursery, such a fun project! The best advice that we can give is to keep things simple. Sometimes the excitement can cause a barrage of ideas, which can in turn become overwhelming. Be precise on what you want to achieve and what your priorities are, and try and keep these in mind when looking at options.

“Be precise on what you want to achieve and what your priorities are…”


What 2016 interior trends are you most excited about, and how will you be working with them?

Bringing the outside in: we love the concept of bringing outside indoors and adding a natural element into a space. 2015 was all about the fiddle leaf and succulents, 2016 is going to heavily feature hanging vines such as Devils Ivy. We have recently completed a project that incorporated a vertical garden in the living area and the overall effect evokes a sense of tranquillity.

Timber love for the bathroom: bathrooms can easily become one dimensional, due to the type of material commonly used in this space: think tiles, marble and metal. This can often give a sense of coldness, and be sterile and un-inspiring. So we’re really excited about using natural timbers as vanity tops, and even for shelving and storage. The added texture adds another layer to the room, especially as there are many different types of timbers available.

What’s your ultimate summer indulgence?
A summer holiday! Whether it be in the caravan exploring somewhere in Australia or a beach location, it’s nice to spend time with family and friends on a getaway. Spending some time away from technology, and enjoying good company, great food and extraordinary surroundings is the perfect way to finish off the Christmas break before the kids start school and kindy.


Janine Stewart