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Thankyou Pepper Interior Exterior Styling for our mention in your blog titled ''11 Simple Ways to Freshen Your Home' @


  1. Fresh greenery – it doesn’t have to cost you the earth… venture out into your own backyard and get in tune with your inner florist. Gather some interesting foliage and display it in your favourite vase. I have even used rosemary stems or bunches of parsley which add a beautiful scent to the home.  You could also treat yourself to a little bunch from your local farmers market or florist. Go for something hardy such as proteas which are a native and will last for a few weeks. A simple way to add a homely and fresh touch. I will brighten your mood at the same time.

  2. Rearrange – Change things up and by this I mean furniture, art and accessories. Different placement of items is often just what a space needs in terms of a revamp. I have a small house and can’t necessarily go changing the layout of furniture around however I do like to change up the positioning of my decorative items. Have a go  - you might impress yourself!

  3. Declutter and simplify. Sometimes it just needs to be done. If you have 20 photo frames on your buffet and every time you dust you knock over all of your ornaments…take away half of what you have out. It will suddenly create a feeling of more space and less visual clutter… less is often more. Keep a box of your stored items nearby and very month or so, rotate your things.

  4. Scent – Purchase a good quality scented candle or brew a pot of coffee which will instantly filter through the home and lift your spirits.

  5. Fresh Air – Try to open some doors and windows at least once a day to get the air flowing through the home. I know it’s hard in winter but a little fresh air will eliminate all the stuffiness and leave you feeling revitalised.

  6. Upholstery – starting to look a little worn? If you have an arm chair, bedhead, dining chair, bar stool, ottoman or lounge/sofa looking drab or the fabric is terribly out of date and not working with your current style perhaps a face lift in the form of new fabric is the way to go. I assume you tube would have some tutorials on reupholstering such items from your home however if it’s a huge lounge you may need to seek a professional within your town. Also if you have pets – get a sticky thing to wipe the hair off!!

  7. Rugs – Have your rug professionally cleaned at least once a year. Especially is it’s a shagpile rug or if you have pets and children.

  8. New soft furnishings – Cushions are a girl’s best friend. Change your cushions, throw rugs and bed linen. It might incur a little word from the husband... “Do we really need more cushions” but hey, the feeling you get when you change your soft furnishings can certainly do wonders for your spirits and inner decorator. Work with the seasons – add warmer colours in winter and the use of texture, and brighter more vibrant colours in Summer. If you have a few plain base cushions, add your new seasonal accent/feature cushion to the mix when it’s time for a change

  9. Window Treatments – Wanting to modernise your home without breaking the bank? Start with the windows to the front elevation. I would suggest some statement window treatments here such as slatted venetians to give your home appeal from the street. Your living areas would be the next point of call. From roller blinds to romans and traditional curtains to venetians – each style of blind has different benefits. Work out what you require in terms of style and practicality and think about the function of the room. Apply this to the bedrooms also. The great thing about blinds is that you can star with a particular area and work through the home as your save some dollars along the way.

  10. Change your art – new art can be game changer within your home. Have a go as splashing some colours on a canvas yourself or look at your local furniture/homewares store for inspiration. If you want to invest a little more coin, check your local art gallery or even online Check out The Art Label -  

  11. New paint OR have a go at hanging some wallpaper!

    Feel free to email me with any queries xx Pepper Styling


Janine Stewart