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Sharon Hinchliffe Vs. Sim Campbell Pope Exhibition

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Sharon Hinchliffe Vs. Sim Campbell Pope


Opening: July 17th | 5pm - 7pm |

Maker + Co, 75b Victoria St Bunbury


The Art Label Online Gallery will open a collaborative exhibition featuring artists Sharon Hinchliffe and Simcapbell-Pope. Titled 'Sharon Hinchliffe' Vs. Sim Campbell-Pope the exhibition will feature more than 30 original paintings and prints by these two leading Western Australian artists.


Sharon aims to bring energy through colour and patterns into her work. Using various mediums such as acrylic paint, ink, watercolour and collage this new collection of work is guaranteed to excite the senses and brings a strong influence of street art to her work.


Sim has been a finalist in the Melbourne Metro 5 $50,000 Art Award; the Perth Black Swan Prize for Portraiture $50,000 Award; the Salon Des Refuses Portraiture Exhibitions and the Shirley Hannan $50,000 Portrait Award. Sim has successfully undertaken numerous solo and group shows and has been heavily commissioned by private and corporate clients, selling hundreds of paintings throughout the globe. She currently resides in Eagle Bay where she paints full time, freelances and works to commissions.

The exhibition is held at our gallery space located at Maker + Co, 75b Victoria St Bunbury. All artworks purchased on the opening night will receive a 5% discount.


For more information visit or contact Curator Janine Stewart on 0404913737.



Janine Stewart